Bank of America Forecloses on Property After Telling Homeowner Not to Make Payments

Pamela Flores found herself in the same situation that many other Americans find themselves in during the Foreclosure Crisis; she could not afford to make her mortgage payments anymore. In a story published by CBS Atlanta and the Huffington Post, Flores attempted to get a loan modification from Bank of America, but instead her lender advised her to stop making her mortgage payments altogether. Bank of America explained to Flores that by not paying her mortgage, she could qualify for a federal initiative meant to provide mortgage relief to homeowners, called the Making Home Affordable Program.

Flores states that on multiple occasions Bank of America advised her to stop making regular payments to qualify for the program. Bank of America then proceeded to put her on a trial plan and then denied her application stating that she missed a payment. Flores states that she made all of her payments. Bank of America has foreclosed on her property and has put it up for auction on May 1st.

A spokesperson for Bank of America tells CBS Atlanta that they sent her a trial loan modification in July 2009 and that Flores made the payment a month later which is why they had to decline her acceptance into the Making Home Affordable Program.

Unfortunately for most Americans, this is another example of how lenders are going after homeowners and foreclosing on their properties. This is why if you are facing foreclosure, it is important to consult with an experienced foreclosure defense attorney so they can review your situation and formulate the best possible defense against your lender. For more information on foreclosure defense, visit

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