Turned down for a Mortgage modification

Plan your next step with an experienced foreclosure attorney in Florida and get results this time

If you were recently turned down by the bank for a mortgage modification and you’re wondering how to stop a foreclosure, your next step should be to contact an experienced and skilled foreclosure attorney in Florida. After all, the clock is ticking and you want results this time.

The key thing to understand is this: you DO have options and a foreclosure defense attorney can help you understand those options and get results. Despite what the mortgage lender has indicated in the past, the rules have changed and the further along in the mortgage crises we go, the more amenable to modifications the banks become.

The facts are simple: denial under the Making Home Affordable program is not permanent. If your lender refuses to modify your loan, you can re-submit an application, but this time, give your application a few sharp teeth by backing it with a Florida foreclosure defense attorney’s skill and expertise.

You’re NOT the Only One Who Wants to Stop Foreclosure

It’s important to understand that you’re not the only one who will be suffering if you can’t stop foreclosure. Your mortgage lender will be hurting too because they have to take possession and go through the time-consuming process of re-selling your Florida home. That means paying legal fees and upkeep on the property until it sells; plus finding a realtor and waiting until a buyer comes along – it all takes money.

Of course, some mortgage lenders have to be reminded of these facts, and a skilled foreclosure defense attorney has the muscle behind this kind of push and can help them see the light.

How to Stop a Foreclosure with a Foreclosure Defense Attorney in Florida

With luck, the mortgage lender will work with you and your foreclosure attorney to avoid foreclosure, but if not an experienced foreclosure defense attorney has a number of legal techniques that can put the situation in your favor. A good foreclosure attorney will take the time to understand your personal financial situation and review the mortgage options available to you in the state of Florida.

In addition, a good foreclosure lawyer will be able to put legal pressure on the mortgage lender to produce proof of ownership – a crucial step to being able to foreclose. With many of the mortgages having been sold and re-sold and the issue of robo-signing , many banks cannot prove they own the loan; therefore, they cannot legally foreclose. All of this serves to give you and your foreclosure defense attorney in Florida the time to explore the right options to protect your financial future and your home and stop a foreclosure altogether.

Whatever the reasons you’re struggling to pay your mortgage, getting the right advice and legal counsel can help you stop foreclosure. For a no cost, no obligation consultation and review of your case call a Legal Help Group Law Firm professional right now at 877-304-9404, or fill out the “contact me” form to connect with a Florida foreclosure defense attorney.