Foreclosure Law in Florida

Florida was one of the hardest hit states in the housing crash and few cities in the US were hit harder than Miami. The Legal Help Group of foreclosure attorneys in Miami have a specific understanding of this market. Foreclosure proceedings in Florida and specifically Miami has been backed up due to the sheer volume of properties affected making it that much more important to have a professional and experienced foreclosure defense attorney in Miami.

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The Miami Herald published an article in April, 2013 entitled “New Florida bill would speed up the foreclosure process.” This is not good news for Florida or Miami homeowners that are behind on their payments or have received a notice of default from their lender. Every major Miami financial institution or mortgage company has a team of foreclosure attorneys in Miami. That is why it is critical, if you want to save your home that you have your own foreclosure defense attorney in Miami and Legal Help Group has the foreclosure professionals that will help.

Foreclosure in Florida follows the judicial set of procedures which means that the outcome of your foreclosure is determined by the courts. Your financial institutions’ foreclosure lawyer in Miami will send you a notice of default that you are required to respond to within 20 days. Many people ignore this notice which can speed the foreclosure in favor of the bank. If you want to save your home it is critical that you respond in the stated amount of time and by having a Legal Help Group Miami foreclosure attorney on your side you are dramatically increasing your chances of beating the bank.

The Miami Herald article referenced above went on to say that “Foreclosure filings in Florida jumped 20 percent in the last year, and the Sunshine State now has the nation’s highest foreclosure rate. And even though the housing market is improving, there are plenty of foreclosures still set to take place in the coming years. One in five mortgages in the state are currently delinquent, and more than half of those have not yet entered the foreclosure process…”

The law firm of Legal Help Group has foreclosure defense attorneys in Florida that are ready to defend your case. If you want to save your home, don’t wait because time is running out. The foreclosure attorneys in Miami that are working for your lender want to take your home as soon as the courts will allow. Call 877-304-9404 NOW, and speak to a Legal Help Group Florida foreclosure attorney or paralegal and begin the fight to save your home.