Can A Loan Modification in Florida Help Avoid Foreclosure?

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While it may not seem so at the surface, a loan modification in Florida can be quite complicated and even damaging to the homeowner if not handled by a legal team. If it is an option you are seriously considering to try and avoid foreclosure, then you need to consult a Florida foreclosure defense law firm right away. With the knowledge and experience of foreclosure law, your attorneys can ensure your assets are protected and remain safe even as you sign up for a loan modification.

A mortgage loan modification could be aiming for one of two goals: to collect the maximum possible from the original loan amount OR to agree on a payment that is affordable and within reach for the homeowner (borrower). Which direction will your loan modification in Florida take? As a homeowner, you really cannot guess. The best way to go about it is to consult an established foreclosure defense law firm in Florida and have their attorneys look out for your best interests.

What Can A Miami Foreclosure Lawyer Do for You?

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What many struggling homeowners in Miami fail to realize or don’t realize until it’s too late is the fact that the bank is not your friend! Finding an alternative to foreclosure is not something your bank or lender will offer any help with. The best way to get help is to consult a Miami foreclosure lawyer with tons of experience in applying current mortgage foreclosure law to help stop foreclosure and find a suitable alternative.

If you’re trying to save your Miami home, you probably have lots of questions you’d like to ask a Miami foreclosure lawyer, including:

  • Can a Florida foreclosure mediation save my home?
  • Is there a good chance of a foreclosure defense in Florida?
  • Can I recover from a Miami foreclosure?

Above all, you want to know what it takes to stop foreclosure in Miami. These are not simple questions and your future depends on the answer and the results you get from your foreclosure defense lawyer.

Legal Help Group – Count On Our Experienced Miami Foreclosure Lawyers

  • The state of Florida is a judicial state, which means bogged down courts and overwhelmed bank staff – most of whom are unqualified to interpret Florida foreclosure law.
  • The foreclosure process is initiated by a lender in Florida.
  • The lender will pursue collection and this is when sound legal advice proves invaluable because every communication you receive must be in compliance under the Fair Debt Collection Act. It is imperative that you do not respond to certain papers filed by the lenders as some actions will waive your rights to due process and interfere with your lawyer’s ability to prepare a proper response and get the final result that you want.
  • If anyone thought the foreclosures were over, Miami foreclosure defense lawyers will tell you otherwise – foreclosures are continuing across the state. In many circuit courts around Florida, the administrative procedures are being set to move foreclosures through quickly as a direct response to the economic environment – this can be devastating to homeowners who are trying to stop foreclosure. The sooner you get an experienced Miami foreclosure lawyer on your side, the better.
  • The Florida foreclosure process requires that banks follow a defined procedure, and yet, many Miami foreclosure lawyers report that the banks are skipping steps and foreclosing illegally – don’t let this happen to you.

Avoiding foreclosure in Florida is no simple task. A Miami foreclosure lawyer can help you determine what alternatives may work to save your home from foreclosure. Don’t hesitate to call because the banks will move quickly when they have to, and so should you.

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Legal Help Group has helped many homeowners with their loan modification process in Florida – and we can help you in Miami, Orlando, Tampa and Jacksonville too. We begin by evaluating and analyzing your specific situation so you can make an informed decision about your new mortgage terms. Our goal is always to protect you as the homeowner to keep you safe from financial harm during and after the loan modification is complete.

Some Useful Tips on Loan Modification in Florida

    • Don’t expect that your loan modification in Florida is guaranteed. The Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) process is complex and you need experienced legal advice to navigate the process carefully.


    • Only a foreclosure defense attorney can work towards balancing the odds and shifting them in your favor as a homeowner. Many homeowners end up with a loan modification that backfires because they ventured into it alone.


    • Banks and mortgage lenders will offer varied and often conflicting versions of the loan modification process in Florida. How will you determine what is the right thing to do? How will you properly and accurately document every step of the process? It’s next to impossible to do this on your own. Foreclosure defense attorneys know this rigmarole thoroughly so your best bet is to consult with them early on and ensure your home and your assets are protected.


    • Do you know what the latest loan modification guidelines in Florida are? And if you do have the ability to find out, how will you interpret and apply those changes to your own loan modification? You don’t want to be stuck, for example, in a situation where you lose your home to foreclosure and your retirement savings are gone too! An experienced foreclosure defense lawyer can make sure this does not happen to you.


    • Yes it’s true that the HAMP process does not allow you to appeal. So what happens if your loan modification in Florida is denied? Ask your foreclosure defense lawyers and they’ll tell you that you can and should reapply. When is the best time to reapply? Again, your legal team can counsel you so you time it correctly.


Whatever loan modification choices you make, you need timely advice and legal counsel in order to avoid problems in the long run.

At Legal Help Group, our foreclosure defense team can work with you throughout and after your loan modification in Florida and help you avoid foreclosure. Call us today at 877-304-9404.