Foreclosure defense lawyers Miami

In the midst of today’s turbulent economy, many people have fallen upon financial difficulty due to circumstances such as job loss, medical problems or loss of investments. Whatever the circumstances, if you are in this situation it is possible that your home is in danger of being foreclosed upon by your lender. Facing foreclosure may have you feeling overwhelmed and ashamed. However there are things you can do to save the home that you have worked so hard for. If your property is facing foreclosure it is imperative to take action right away, and make sure that you are informed of your rights. One of the best ways to go about this is by contacting one of the foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami. The law firm of Legal Help Group focuses their practice of foreclosure defense.

Although you may think that all lenders operate within legal guidelines when pursuing foreclosure, this is sadly not the case. Some use deceptive practices such as filing foreclosure notices with deceptive information, and some attempt to reclaim your property after having relinquished the note of ownership. Both of these practices are illegal, yet the average homeowner is not aware of these circumstances. Foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami are aware of all of the deceptive practices and “tricks” practiced by unscrupulous lenders and can educate you on your rights under Florida law. They will review all of your documents in order to determine the best way to fight aggressively for your home.

If you have been served with a foreclosure summons you have 20 days to respond under Florida law, or risk losing your home by default. This is why it is important to act immediately, in order to examine options such as loan modification. The sooner you contact foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami, the sooner they can begin helping you to examine your options. A loan modification can be an option to protect your home from foreclosure by changing the rate or term of your mortgage in order to give you a lower monthly payment. Some homeowners attempt to do this without legal assistance, however it is important to remember when negotiating with the lender that they do not have your best interests at heart. They are the ones who are trying to take your home from you in the first place, and will do everything in their power to maximize profits. This is why legal representation is the best way to go for a loan modification.

Aside from loan modifications there are other alternatives to foreclosure such as short sales or deed in lieu of foreclosure arrangements. Foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami can sit down with you during this difficult time and decide which option is best for you. You will be protected from lenders who see you as just a number, and your attorney will ensure that you are well informed of your rights under Florida law. If you are facing foreclosure, time is of the essence, so contact legal representation right away
You can find professional foreclosure defense lawyers in Miami! The Florida foreclosure attorneys at the Legal Help Group Law Firm are experienced on the subject. For information on foreclosures, the process, your options and how to save your home, please call a Legal Help Group foreclosure professional at (877) 304-9404, respond to our live chat on this page, or fill out the short form on this page and a member of the Legal Help Group Law Firm foreclosure team will reach out to you.

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