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Individuals who find themselves unable to make their mortgage payments and are behind on payments run the risk of having their lender file for foreclosure. This is a process where there the lender seeks to take possession of the property with the hope of selling it to recoup their money. Foreclosure rates will vary in different areas, but are currently very high in the Miami area. A high rate of foreclosure often means the lender may have difficulty selling a property. If an individual is at risk of foreclosure, then options will need to be considered for foreclosure help in Miami. The best option is to contact a professional foreclosure attorney who can advise you on the best course of action.

Homeowners who are face impending foreclosure because of financial difficulties will probably not know what to do to delay the process. An experienced foreclosure attorney can help determine if you are the victim of predatory lending, or just a victim of a faltering economy. If a foreclosure document is received by a homeowner from their lender, then there are options that can be used to buy more time. A foreclosure defense attorney can step in and delay the process of a few months up to a year and even longer. Legal Help Group are a foreclosure defense law firm that will help you navigate this complicated process.

A homeowner who needs foreclosure help in Miami will require a foreclosure defense attorney who is familiar with the foreclose process in Miami. One option available to homeowners is to seek mortgage modification to avoid a foreclosure. Experienced attorneys like those at Legal Help Group will work with a borrower’s lender towards a new mortgage arrangement. This may involve asking the lender to modify an existing mortgage. The lender may agree to defer payments to allow the borrower to save money. A lender might be able to also be open to changing the terms of a current mortgage. Careful steps need to be taken to ensure any new terms make monthly payments more affordable.

Another option for homeowners seeking foreclosure help in Miami is to consider a short sale. This is a good option for homeowners who are unable to afford their payment, but want to avoid the foreclosure process. A foreclosure defense attorney will work with the borrower to convince the lender to buyout a homeowner’s loan for less than the total amount. If the lender agrees to forgive the price difference, then a short sale can be completed. One of the biggest benefits to a borrow is a short sale does not affect the credit of the borrower. Homeowners who want to pursue this option should contact a foreclose defense attorney for help.

The neighborhood where a home is located may allow lenders to consider a deed in lieu of foreclosure as an option for a borrower. This is when a borrower gives the deed to a property, a house, or even a condo to the lender in exchange for getting out of the mortgage. The lender is then free to have the home put up for sale to recoup the money lent to a borrower. A borrower will not be able to stay in the home, but they will not need to suffer the consequences of a foreclosure.

You can get foreclosure help in Miami! The Florida foreclosure attorneys at the Legal Help Group Law Firm are experienced on the subject. For information on foreclosures, the process, your options and how to save your home, please call a Legal Help Group foreclosure professional at
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