How Can You Stop Foreclosure in Tampa?

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Foreclosure defense is no easy task. The process is riddled with stumbling blocks where it’s easy to make mistakes and bank representatives have been left on their own to interpret the law. As a result, many banks have made terrible, irreversible mistakes that have affected the lives of thousands of homeowners trying to stop foreclosure in Tampa.

When you’re looking for foreclosure mediation, get in touch with our team of experienced Florida foreclosure defense attorneys. Legal Help Group has saved thousands of homes and families from foreclosure – and we can help you stop foreclosure in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando too. One recent client was thrilled when our foreclosure defense attorneys were able to restructure her mortgage from making two payments into one and reducing her overall mortgage payment by half!

Mediation resolution options include mortgage modification, deed in lieu, or short-sale, but without the right legal advice you won’t understand the ramifications of each or know which option to choose. Your foreclosure defense team that knows Florida foreclosure law can counsel you on the best option that will help you stop foreclosure in Tampa.

Legal Help Group – We Can Help You Stop Foreclosure in Tampa

The foreclosure process in Florida follows this broad pattern which is very similar to the rest of the nation. If you are facing foreclosure in Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami or Orlando, here is what will most likely happen:

    • As a homeowner, you are past due on mortgage payments


    • Your lender files an intent to foreclose on your Florida home


    • A foreclosure notice is sent to you


    • A final summary judgment is completed (this may involve the court system)


    • A foreclosure auction or sale is ordered


It is important to be aware that as a homeowner, you don’t need to wait out all these steps in the process. You can (and should) seek to stop foreclosure in Tampa through one of the many alternatives that is best suited to your specific financial situation—it could be a mortgage modification, a short-sale, deed-in-lieu, or another method.

At Legal Help Group, our team of foreclosure lawyers in Florida delivers real help for real people who are in trouble with their mortgage – many of whom did very little wrong and are qualified for one or more of the available foreclosure alternatives.

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If appropriate to your case, we’ll immediately work to try and stop foreclosure on your Tampa home and set up a foreclosure mediation. This is the best way to get everyone involved at the negotiation table for an informal, no-pressure discussion that is designed to help you avoid foreclosure. When the bank is sitting across from a well-trained, knowledgeable foreclosure defense attorney in Tampa, they are usually much more likely to be cooperative and willing to modify the terms of a mortgage when they can. A little pressure can and usually does go a long way!

At Legal Help Group, our foreclosure defense team can help you stop foreclosure in Tampa and save your home. Call us today at 877-304-9404.