There may be hope for Underwater Homeowners

This year we are seeing an improving housing market in certain areas as the National Association of Realtors is stating that there has been an increase in home sales with a low percentage of those coming from distressed mortgages. Homeowners who are facing foreclosure are seeing property values rise in certain areas which is why many are moving to stop foreclosure on their homes.

Even though the housing market has improved and the property values are increasing there are still nearly 750,000 homes in the foreclosure process as of February 2013 according to RealtyTrac. Those who are underwater on their loans and in foreclosure are taking a good look at the property values in their area and finding that even though they are underwater, the increase in property value in certain areas means that there may be light at the end of the tunnel. If the housing market continues to improve, it may give homeowners who are underwater more incentive to save their home from foreclosure.

Even if you are underwater and/or facing foreclosure hiring an experienced foreclosure defense attorney will help you in the process of saving your home. Now more than ever it is beneficial for homeowners to keep an eye on their property values as the housing market continues to improve. As property values increase the homeowner has more incentive to not only save their home but make home improvements as well. For more information on how to save your home from foreclosure, visit